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Want a custom designed website and ongoing support?
Consider leasing your new website! Website leasing is very similar to car or real estate leasing. Instead of paying a lump sum for your project up front, consider making affordable monthly payments. Combined with an ongoing maintenance contract, all of the hassle of running your own website, server and keeping it all up to date is passed onto the design agency allowing you to focus on running your business!
How does it work?

Much like any other web design project, leasing begins with a website specification. We’ve got the working template! We will change out photos, add your content, connect your domain, and guide you on how to update your site! To get started, a $99 deposit is required. Subscription starts when the site goes live.

What are the benefits?
Leasing has many benefits to businesses, including:

  • Leasing maintains a relationship with the design agency, allowing your site to stay fresh and up to date with continuous support built into the arrangement. Websites can very easily become stale without professional support. A leased website means you will have a constant support system in place to help you as your online business grows.
  • Leasing allows for planned cash flow, avoiding massive up-front fees.
  • Leasing makes changes to specification easier to navigate
Who owns the website?
The Design Agency will own the site. However, if leasing, you will always have the option to purchase your site at anytime.  We also offer a lease to buy program!

Choose the Plan that works best for your budget!

*Standard Pricing refers to annual costs related to hosting, ssl certificates, and any plugins used for the build. The client is responsible for all annual costs unless specified by the plan.

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